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Smart baby lunch

Chicco invites you to explore the world of childhood developing the new line of products dedicated to mealtime. The challenge consists in identifying smart and innovative solutions able to meet the parents’ need of preserving, carrying and giving food outdoors, granting parents and children the same peacefulness and comfort found in the “eating ritual” done at home.

deadline of registration: 07.01.2014



Chicco is a multi-specialist brand in the baby care market, both in Italy and in the entire world. It was born from the intuition of the Artsana Group founder and is today present in 120 countries, while still keeping its heart in Italy. The brand is able to meet the needs of children aged 0-36 months in every respect, covering crosswise every necessity of both children and parents: juvenile (out & about car safety), nursing (feeding, soothing, basic child and cosmetics), toys, apparel (fashion wear) and footwear.

The continuous research in innovative solutions for baby care is the primary focus of Chicco which, in collaboration with Desall, launches the new “ Smart baby lunch ” contest dedicated to babies feeding. Weaning represents a delicate time and an important chance for discovery and learning during which the baby gradually gets used to new flavours and different food consistencies. Besides, the place where the baby eats changes as well: from the parent’s arms to the high chair, from the high chair to the table, at home or outside. In the meantime, feeding represents a sort of ritual for the baby which is important to preserve also in outdoor contexts, using the same methods and tools. For this reason, the use of crockery specifically studied for weaning may become a core element to help the child peacefully go through the weaning phase and beyond, both at home and outdoors. The baby mealtime is a new and demanding challenge for the parent as well, which leads to new practical and functional solutions.

What we need
Smart baby lunch ” is the chance for developing kits made of several components in order to ease the parent into preserving, carrying and giving food to the baby outside home. The modular nature of the kit allows for several configurations, according to the need of the moment and to the baby diet in all phases of growth.
The single components must be suitable to be used either separately or combined with each other, following the same modular logic of the famous “building blocks”.

The basic components to design are:
• a smaller airtight container capacity: 180ml
• a larger airtight container capacity: 280ml
• a piece of crockery with double function (fork + spoon)
• an airtight thermos capacity: about 300/350ml
• a detachable handle to clasp on the containers to ease the grasp and the feeding

These components, when combined, must satisfy the following needs:
1) First meal preservation and transportation : after the 6th month, milk is replaced by the first meal which constitutes a semiliquid “single-course” made of broth (about 180ml), to which flours and homogenised food – kept aside from the broth – are later added so that the parent may mix them only eventually. When feeding, the parent will mix all three ingredients in one single container, stir the food, warm it up and feed the baby. Accordingly, the parent needs 3 containers: 2 smaller sized and 1 larger sized, easy to hold by the detachable handle.
2) Snack preservation and transportation : children’s snack is usually represented by homogenised/grated fruit, yogurt or cereals. Accordingly, the parent needs 1 container sized about 280ml, easy to hold by the detachable handle.
3) Thermal solution : this one allows carrying the first meal already made or the hot broth separated by the rest of the ingredients (flours or homogenised food). The parent needs a thermos, a small container (separated from the thermos) and one piece of crockery.
4) Second meal preservation and transportation : starting from the 12th month, the child eats the same food as the adults, made of solid meals (first and second courses are separated) and a little snack. Accordingly, the parent needs 1 piece of crockery and 3 containers, of which 2 are larger and 1 smaller, each of them easy to hold by the detachable handle.

For sanitary reasons, consider that the part of the fork/spoon that is introduced in the baby’s mouth should be covered/protected during the transport. The best solution would be to derive a bay/compartment/cover from one of the other components (avoid external cases).

Smart baby lunch ” participants are invited to find modular solutions, able to efficiently satisfy the needs related to food preservation, transportation and outdoor feeding. In particular, for the correct realization of the proposal, you should follow the guidelines below:

Functioning : work on the design of every container of the kits and, at the same time, find the useful combinations for every need reported above (first meal preservation and transportation, snack preservation and transportation, first meal thermos, second meal preservation and transportation). For this reason, study the functioning of the modular system in order to obtain a perfect and practical fit among all components.

Handiness : the components and their respective combinations should be ergonomic and grant – at the same time – the best handiness and food preservation (the containers should be easy to open, easy to clean and airtight).

Size : find solutions able to optimize the mould cost and occupy little space, both when filled and when stored in fridge, freezer and bag. The shapes should be optimized according to the fact that they should not be bulky, suitable for placing in the microwave, dishwasher and freezer, a part from being easily transportable by the parent.

Material : participants should employ rigid plastic and rubber materials and avoid metals.

Colours : propose components that shall not only satisfy the handiness requirements of the parents but also make mealtime a pleasant and playful moment for the child. For this reason, consider the playful aspect of the components, playing with the shapes and the colour combinations, so that they may be appealing to the child and recognizable as the Chicco new line of products.



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